Home Services in Connecticut: Helping You Live Your Life


Have you or someone you love reached “that certain age,” when the daily life that used to seem natural and easy started to become more challenging? Would having a caring, professional assistance bring relief and let you continue to live where and how you always have?

We can help. Invite our household and personal aide staff into your home. We promise you’ll be amazed at the difference they will make for you.

Everyday Personal and Household Services

We’ll start with companionship, which is the value we add to all we do. Without it, what we do would be handled by housekeeping services or personal aide visits. We do much more. Take laundry as an example. We don’t just wash and dry a client’s clothing. We fold it neatly and put it where its owner can find it easily.

Personal Assistance

Our companionship extends to the most discreet and personal assistance we provide: showering, dressing, and toilet use. We know how it compromises someone’s comfort and dignity to have a stranger assume responsibilities like these.

Health and Wellness

Our staff performs wellness checks for clients multiple times each day. We look for any signs of illness or injury, but our checks also tell these folks that someone cares about them.

We also remind the people we assist to take their medications and not miss any meals. Sometimes seniors lose their appetites or ability to taste their food. And like anyone, they lose track of their medications, especially ones that have been prescribed recently.

Time Intervals

The amount of time we spend with our clients depends on their needs. While some prefer assistance and company for a few hours per day or week, others need care daily, even continually. So we offer the following scheduling options:

Companion/Hourly Assistance

Respite Services As Needed

Overnight Services

24-hour Services

The arrangements can be ongoing or change with the client’s condition.

Specialized Services

We also provide services during special or urgent circumstances. These are times when our clients are not entirely sure what type of care or how much of it they might need. All they know is that they will need extra help.

Post-Surgery/Procedure Services

One particular specialized care situation is when a client needs 24-hour attention to recover from a surgical procedure or medical treatment. Since it’s hard to know how long recovery will be, we might cut back the care hours after a few days, a few weeks, or longer.

Emergency Services

An emergency can be nearly anything. The only thing all emergencies share is that they’re unexpected and unpleasant, and sometimes tragic.

Whatever the situation, we’re always there to help or simply offer comfort and companionship.

We are OPEN for business but PLEASE READ: Covid-19 Announcement

A message regarding COVID19 

We have been monitoring the Coronavirus carefully, and prior to the increase in cases, we began taking precautions, such as the use of 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, limiting physical contact (ie handshaking), sterilizing, etc. We take our role in the community seriously and try to make every effort to ensure the safety of our clients, but also that our aides are safe as we enter our clients’ homes.

It is imperative that we begin to implement additional precautions for the safety of our community, staff and clients:

1.) If you are sick or have been exposed to the Coronavirus, please cancel your appointment by calling us at 860-785-8832

2.) Please avoid physical contact with our aide during the time of the appointment. We will greet you with a warm smile, but not a handshake at this time.

3.) Please wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds prior to our arrival for our scheduled appointment. With your permission, our aides will wash their hands as well. Please instruct them to do so, otherwise they will use the company-provided hand sanitizer. We have utilized masks when in clients’ homes, also all our aides wear clean gloves as an additional precaution.